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Creating a forensic image of a MacBook with T2

In forensics, we often get MacBooks for imaging. The imaging process is different than most other computers. In this video, Krzys details that exact process. 

Lexar USB drive not recognized on Mac

This is yet another typical failure of Lexar USB drives.  

Verbatim USB stick not working

This happens often, you plug in your USB drive and it doesn’t show up or it’s asking to format and it’s also showing the wrong size. This usually means that the memory chips are too degraded and you can no longer access the data. I wish there was an easy fix but there isn’t. In …

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LTO tape not ejecting and not working

Do you know that many businesses still use LTO tapes for backup? It is a great cold backup solution but it’s not free of issues. Watch this two-part series on an LTO job we had and how we solved it. 

Sandisk USB flash not recognized.

This Sandisk USB drive stopped working. It was not recognized at all and the customer needed the data. Luckily for this client, the recovery was a very simple process. It is never this easy but sometimes it is.