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Recover deleted messages from Samsung Galaxy S10

Android is finally offering file-based encryption, but this doesn’t mean that we still can’t recover deleted messages from many FBE phones. In this video, we dive deep into Android security and encryption. Then using Cellebrite UFED, we recover deleted messages.

Lexar drive not working?

Watch as our tech Krzys, recovers data from a dead Lexar USB drive. The procedure might look simple but the process is rather complicated.

USB Stabilizer and Guardonix Write Blocker

This is a must have tool for any data recovery and forensics lab. USB Stabilizer to help you read failing USB drives and Guardonix for white protecting any drive. See our review below:

Is private browsing safe?

This is the big question when you are browsing the internet. Is your browsing really that safe? What can someone find using commercially available software? Watch and find out!

Best software for data recovery – A complete guide

Looking for the best data recovery software? Here is a list of what the pros are using.