Data recovery on a dead BlackBerry Q10

This BlackBerry came in completely dead. The customer had various photos that needed to be recovered. The photos were very sentimental and irreplaceable.  Please watch the video below to see how this task was accomplished.


Water damaged iPhone SE – Data Recovery

Another “unrecoverable” device was brought to us by a customer. Attempted by few shops, but failed to recover the data or even power up the device.

See video below on how Data Rescue Labs managed to recover this severely damaged device.

Removing the password or passcode on Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7

We’ve made a new video showcasing a method of removing and disabling the user-lock on most Galaxy S6 and S7. This method works on any version of Android.

Dead 16GB Lexar USB – Don’t swap the controller

We made a new video on a known practice of swapping the controller on a dead USB drive. This is an old method that used to work but does not any more. See our video for a better explanation.

Getting into passcode protected blackberry

There is only one way to bypass security such as passcode or password on the BB10 (QNX) blackberry. Watch our latest video on how this is done.