Solid State Drive (SSD) Recovery

With the introduction of SSD drives (solid state drives),  the data recovery industry needed to adapt and new tools were created.

Data recovery from SSD drives is a very complex procedure, requiring a different set of knowledge as the data is now stored in memory chips, instead of a magnetic disk.

While the SSD drives are very durable due to not having any moving parts, these drives bring their own challenges when it comes to recovering data. Most drives are encrypted by the controller on the chip level, thus preventing chip-off recovery.

Apart from much simpler deletion of data, there much more complicated hardware failures.

Failure can occur in many ways, in some cases the controller fails or “locks up” and specialized equipment is needed to access the drive in techno-mode.

There are also various types of SSD drives such us traditional SATA, M.2, U.2, NVME PCIe, Enterprise+SAS, USB and we have also have seen PATA (IDE) drives in our lab as well.

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