How is forensic cloning done?

In this video, we will discuss the practice of forensic cloning.

Phone found in a lake on a deceased person.

We have been retained to investigate a phone that was found in a lake with a deceased person. After some legal back and forth, we were given a green light to extract the data from this severely damaged phone. We found evidence that gave the family some closure and will let them heal. See our latest episode on YouTube and now this all unfolded.

Unboxing our newest addition – PC3000 Portable III

We have added a new tool to our arsenal.

LG G3 – Blue Screen of death

This is a very common issue with the LG G3 phone. Using ISP method, our technician Krzys is able to dump the data and then fix the phone for the client.

MacMini with failed fusion drive

This 2014 MacMini came in with a failing hard drive. In most cases, the job is simple, but in this case, the fusion drive complicates the recovery. Watch as Krzys is able to image the failing drive and get the computer up and running.