Unboxing our newest addition – PC3000 Portable III

We have added a new tool to our arsenal.

LG G3 – Blue Screen of death

This is a very common issue with the LG G3 phone. Using ISP method, our technician Krzys is able to dump the data and then fix the phone for the client.

MacMini with failed fusion drive

This 2014 MacMini came in with a failing hard drive. In most cases, the job is simple, but in this case, the fusion drive complicates the recovery. Watch as Krzys is able to image the failing drive and get the computer up and running.

Some companies are lying to you.

Data recovery software industry is sometimes plagued with misinformation and also with companies that push their software with false pretenses. They shamelessly pay YouTubers to lie to their viewers. Watch us expose some of these lies in a 3 part expose.

Part 1: SSD and data recovery

Forensic ISP recovery on Samsung S5 NEO

We received this case from one of our partners. The phone was password locked and the screen was smashed. After attempting to gain access via USB, we have decided to use another known method called ISP (in-system programming). This way we can avoid the risk of a chip off and chip damage. Watch our master technician Krzysztof in his element.