Destroyed MicroSD data recovery

A suspect tried to destroy a Dash Camera, we received it in pieces but were we able to recover it? Watch and find out!

Password removal on Android phone

In this video, we discuss free tools that can help in getting into a password protected Android device.


How to bypass iPhone passcode

In this video, we reveal the process of using brute force in cracking the passcode on most iPhones. This service is available through our lab. For more information, please contact us.

Digital Forensics – What you need to know.

Below you will find a link to our youtube playlist. We have created this 5 part series on digital forensics, where we cover from getting started, all the way to equipment necessary for each lab.

SanDisk Micro SD not showing up / not detected

MicrSD card might stop showing up or detecting in your phone or computer. There is, unfortunately, no DIY solution for such an event and only a professional lab can retrieve the data. This type of recovery is very complex and time consumning. Watch the video to understand more about it.