Drive Cloning

Hard Drive Cloning Service

Our Data Cloning services allow you to upgrade your hard disk to a larger and faster drive without the need to reinstall the operating system and other applications. If your hard drive shows signs of failing, we strongly advise you to replace it immediately, because your data is worth much more than the price of a new hard drive.

All of the data, documents, pictures, music, videos, emails, programs and settings on your current hard drive will be cloned onto a new drive and inserted back into your desktop or laptop computer. This service means you don’t need to spend days or even weeks getting your new drive the way you like it as you already have done on your current drive.

This service is also recommended if you want a complete backup of the current data on your computer.
Hard Drive cloning is cost effective, safe and eliminates downtime!

We can duplicate your hard drive in several ways:

  • Duplicate the hard drive as a sector-by-sector-copy to another working drive.
    Clone your 40 GB hard drive to another 40 GB hard drive.
  • Create a raw image file, a sector-by-sector copy of your entire hard drive and save it as a image file on your computer Clone your hard drive and save it as a file on your external hard drive as E:\Backup\disk1.img – this method is a useful for backup purposes
  • Duplicate the hard drive to larger capacity hard drive.
    Clone your 40 GB notebook hard drive to a 250 GB notebook hard drive. If you resize the partition you can then use this hard disk in your current computer without having to re-install Windows and all of your software again. This is ideal to upgrade your hard disk if you are running out of disk space.
  • Create a Forensically sound disk image file using computer forensic methods. This method includes the use of a hardware write-blocking device to guarantee the original hard drive cannot be altered in any way. We also provide a MD5 and SHA1 hash verification. This is done using computer forensic software.
    Note: This computer forensic service starts from $400.00

Our hard drive cloning service works for all operating systems, it’s a low level sector-by-sector copy. So if you are using Apple, Windows, Linux, Novell, Unix or any other operating system this process is 100% guaranteed .

Hard Drive Certification Services
Data Rescue Labs Inc. now offers its customers a new type of services – Hard Drive Certification. We offer a low cost hard drive certification services.
This process includes several passes of sector by sector testing of your hard drive using special hardware equipment; testing of electronic components, hard drive cache, and more. We are also able to test the performance of your drive. If the disk fails the test, you can simply return it back to a PC shop and get another one. Our tests do not void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Protect your family pictures and videos now! Get professional help. Get yourself a piece of mind which is far cheaper than cost of data recovery. Call us for more information about our services.

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