Mail in your device

If you’d like to mail in your device, we’ve prepared detailed instructions below to ensure it reaches us without any issues.


Data Rescue Labs inc
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Mississauga, Ontario
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Pack the device well in bubble wrap and in a box. Include a flash drive in the package, if you don’t have one, we can provide a high-quality drive for you. If you want your data as a digital download, you don’t need to include a USB.

IF YOU ARE OUTSIDE OF CANADA: To avoid paying import charges, declare a value of $10 USD for the entire shipment, failure to do so will result in us passing the cost onto the client.

We recommend using courier services such as FedEx Ground, UPS, or DHL

  • US customers: FedEx ground (not express) would be the cheapest but will take a few days.
  • Europe, Asia, and Middle East: DHL would be the fastest and cheapest
  • If you use a courier service, you will need a commercial invoice, the carrier will be able to help you create one

For contact information and phone number, you can use either Krzys or Rick, Phone number: 1-416-238-1232

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