BlackBerry Data Recovery

The recovery on most BlackBerry devices is very complicated. There are many models, which span various operating systems. From old java based classic models, through the QNX based Z10, Q10, Z30, Q30 etc.

At Data Rescue Labs, we have combined our Chip-Off expertise, along with Cellebrite UFED ability to decode and extract data which is otherwise inaccessible even when the memory chip is extracted.

Using the chip-off method, we are also able to bypass passcodes and passwords on the device. Even if your phone is stuck in a boot-loop, which is very common on the QNX based BlackBerry devices, we will be able to get your data.

So what can we recover?

  • Call History Log 
  • Text Message (SMS)  
  • Multimedia Short Messages (MMS)
  • BBM
  • Whatsapp
  • BlackBerry Keep / Notes
  • Phone Book and Contact Extraction
  • Calendar and To Do List Extraction
  • Pictures, Videos, and Audio Recovery
  • Phone Email and Chat Analysis
  • Social Networking
  • SIM Card Cloning & Data Extraction
  • Physical Memory (Hex) Dump
  • Phone File System Capture
  • Detailed Use Analytics 


Want to see more? We have made videos on this very procedure.

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