iPhone Data Recovery

Comprehensive Data Recovery Solutions for Every Need

Our services cater to a wide range of data recovery requirements, from straightforward repairs of damaged devices to in-depth forensic extractions.

Whether you’re someone looking to retrieve precious vacation photos from a catastrophically failed phone, or in need of an extensive forensic extraction, we have the expertise and technology to fulfill your specific needs.

Data Rescue Labs has extensive experience performing iPhone data retrieval on devices that have suffered common and catastrophic data loss and even if the phone was not backed up / synced. We can successfully perform iPhone data recovery and iPhone file recovery on the Solid State Drives and flash media found in these portable storage devices and recover iPhone data that others might deem lost forever.

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Expert Recovery Services for iPhone and iPad (iOS Devices)

Recovering data from iOS devices, especially iPhones and iPads, presents unique challenges. Since the introduction of iOS 4.0, all iOS devices are encrypted, making the retrieval of deleted photos and videos highly complex, and in some cases, impossible.

Our advanced forensic tools, exclusive to law enforcement and certified computer forensic experts, enable us to decrypt this protection. We perform a thorough bit-by-bit image of your device’s data and user partitions, a process not available to the general public. On newer devices we can perform a Full File system extraction.

With full forensic extractions we can extract the following:

  1. Address Book: Detailed contact information in various formats, including contact pictures.
  2. Call History: Detailed history of up to 1000 last calls.
  3. SMS and iMessage: Note that since iOS 12, deleted native messages are irretrievable due to changes in Apple’s database structure. We can recover deleted messages from WhatsApp and other third party apps
  4. Music: Access to all saved and purchased music.
  5. Notes: Recovery of all notes created on the device.
  6. Pictures: Recovery of current photos (Note: Deleted photos cannot be recovered).
  7. Videos: Access to current videos (Note: Deleted videos are irretrievable).
  8. Voice Memos: Complete recovery of all voice memos.
  9. Web History: Both current and deleted browsing history.
  10. App Data: Data from all currently installed apps.
  11. RAW iOS File System: Includes a complete forensic DD/Binary image.
  12. Keychain and Secrets: Access to complete keychain and confidential data.
  13. iOS Password Recovery: Ability to recover the device passcode (More details here).
  14. Usage Analytics: Detailed usage history, including most contacted individuals and links between data and contacts.


We can also recovery data from common iTunes update errors such as Error 14 (full storage) and other errors.

Our iPhone passcode unlock service can be found here
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