Instructions for Mailing in Evidence

If you need to mail evidence for your case, please follow these detailed instructions carefully to ensure that your evidence is handled securely and reaches us without any issues.

  1. Initial Contact: Before mailing anything, it is essential to contact us to discuss your case. This allows us to provide you with specific advice and a case reference number. Please do not mail your evidence without prior communication.
  2. Secure Packaging: Package your evidence securely to prevent any damage during transit. Use anti-static bags for electronic devices and place them in a sturdy box. Ensure that the evidence is cushioned and immobile within the package to avoid any physical impacts. This is to be combined with point #5
  3. Tamper-Proof Sealing: Once the evidence is securely packed, seal the package with tamper-proof tape. This step is crucial as it indicates if the package has been opened or tampered with en route.
  4. Documentation: Include detailed documentation inside the package. This should comprise a list of items, the case reference number, a brief description of the case, and the relevance of each piece of evidence. Also, include your contact information clearly inside the package.
  5. Use of Combination Lock Box: For added security, especially with sensitive or high-value evidence, utilize a combination lock box. Place your packaged evidence inside this lock box and set a unique combination. Communicate the combination to us separately, either via a secure phone call or encrypted email.
  6. Photographic Evidence: Before sealing the package, take photographs of the contents. This serves as a record of the condition and arrangement of the evidence prior to shipping.
  7. Shipping Method: Use a shipping service that provides tracking and insurance. This not only allows you to track the package’s journey but also offers protection against loss or damage. Overnight priority would be the best option.
  8. Chain of Custody: Be aware that the chain of custody begins the moment you seal the evidence. Document the date and time of sealing, and maintain a log of any and all individuals who handle the package until it is mailed. Include COC  with the documentation.
  9. Confirmation of Receipt: Upon receipt of your package, we will confirm its arrival. This confirmation will be sent to you either via email or phone, as per your preference.
  10. Data Privacy and Security: Rest assured that all evidence is handled in strict compliance with data privacy regulations. We maintain the highest standards of confidentiality and integrity in processing your evidence.
  11. Court Clearance: Please make sure you have either a court order or a clearance from the court for sending the evidence abroad.


If all the above criteria are met, you can send the device in. Please email the tracking number to [email protected]


Data Rescue Labs inc
145 Traders Blvd east unit 8
Mississauga, Ontario
L4Z 3L3

IF YOU ARE OUTSIDE OF CANADA: To avoid paying import charges, declare a value of $10 USD for the entire shipment, failure to do so will result in us passing the cost onto the client. This also might help with customs opening the package and breaking the chain of custody.

We recommend using courier services such as FedEx Ground, UPS, or DHL

  • US customers: FedEx ground (not express) would be the cheapest but will take a few days.
  • Europe, Asia, and Middle East: DHL would be the fastest and cheapest
  • If you use a courier service, you will need a commercial invoice, the carrier will be able to help you create one

For contact information and phone number, you can use either Krzys or Rick, Phone number: 1-416-238-1232

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