Drone Forensics

With the emergence of drones, Data Rescue Labs Inc is proud to provide Drone Forensics service. Using the latest forensic tools, we now have the ability to investigate most common drones. The information retrieved from these drones could help provide a detailed extraction and fast-track the investigation.

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Dead Samsung S6? Could be a short!

We’ve received this S6 that was completely dead. After some poking around the motherboard, it was discovered that there was a short. Watch our latest video on where the short was and how the phone was fixed and data recovered.

2012-2015 MacBook Retina PRO Failed SSD Data Recovery

With the advancement of solid state drives (SSD), come new problems. These problems are amplified when there is a lack of tools to perform data recovery. So far we were able to secure the only tool out there from DeepSpar that can handle NVME PCIe SSDs that are on the verge of failing.

We have made a new video explaining the process of data recovery on such drive.

Samsung Note 4 – Run over on the highway

Samsung Note 4 – Data recovery

What’s worse than a phone that falls onto a busy road? A device that also ends up being run over by multiple vehicles. When this phone was brought to us, it was already in the hands of few repair shops, the customer was turned away as there was nothing they could do. We approached this case with a realization that chip-off will be the only way moving forward. This was a rush job and we did not have the chip reader required to perform this task. However, our team was able to quickly find a solution and recover the data.

See our video and explanation of what needed to be done.