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Dead 16GB Lexar USB – Don’t swap the controller

We made a new video on a known practice of swapping the controller on a dead USB drive. This is an old method that used to work but does not any more. See our video for a better explanation.

Getting into passcode protected blackberry

There is only one way to bypass security such as passcode or password on the BB10 (QNX) blackberry. Watch our latest video on how this is done.  

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Data Recovery on Liquid Damaged LG V10

This phone was beyond repair, but our team was able to pull the chip and recover the data. See video below:

Forensic recovery of iMessages on iPhone 6S Plus running latest iOS 10.2.1

We just completed a new video where we demonstrate a forensic acquisition and recovery on iPhone 6S Plus running iOS 10.2.1 Please see video below: