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Recovering data from a broken encrypted Verbatim USB thumbdrive

This case was quite interesting. We received this strange broken flash drive that used an eMMC chip as its storage chip, what was more strange, is that the USB drive also contained an external controller.  This type of configuration is unique, this is due to the fact that the eMMC chip already comes with an …

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Getting into a password protected iPhone

In this new video, we employ new checkm8 exploit combined with Cellebrite UFED, to gain access into a password protected iPhone and perform a BFU (Before First Unlock) extraction. And then compare the results with an iPhone for which a password is provided. While this extraction is very limited, it is at most important for …

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Nokia Windows Phone Data Recovery via ISP

In this video, we share a recovery of a Nokia windows phone where we were not allowed to perform chipoff. We used a donor phone to locate ISP pinout.  

Galaxy S6 data recovery from a dead phone

Quick video on a Galaxy S6 Edge that won’t turn on any longer and suffered a short under the CPU.   

BlackBerry Bold 9000 – Data Recovery

In this video, we demonstrate how cops get into phones that are either not supported by various known tools or have challenging access.