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Data Recovery tool that apple won’t sell you.

This is a tool that apple created for the A1707 and A1708 MacBook. This tool allowed access to the soldered SSD MacBook that is no longer functioning. Apple since removed the connector but watch this video if you would like to learn more about it.       

Western Digital drive not responding

You were trying to plug in your drive and you snapped the connector. These things happen and you would think that board swap is as simple as taking off the old PCB and using the new one. But its not as simple. Let me show you. So what do you do? How to fix it? …

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Security camera system DVR video extraction.

This is one of the methods we use to extract videos from a security DVR. In this video, we also provide a 20% off for the software that we used. 7

Sony Xperia data recovery – from a phone that won’t turn on.

We received this dead phone for data recovery. The customer wanted their precious photos and videos recovered. Watch how we did it!

Most underratred tool in data recovery.

There are many tools that we use for data recovery, some are expensive and very sophisticated and some are very cheap and simple yet extremely effective. Watch as we do just that and use a simple and cheap tool to recover data from a dead Lexar USB drive.